Our Clients
Meeting our clients' needs is the reason we exist as a company. That's why we are more than client focused: we are client centered.

Our Co-workers
We work together. We also have fun together, learn from each other, take pride in our shared history and accomplishments and plan for the future that we envision together for our company. We practice a TEAM concept:


Our Quality
Quality is the foundation of our entire organization. We don't just talk about quality - we invest in it. Every supplier and manufacture meets or exceeds industry standards in quality, warranty, National Electrical Code (NEC), and International Residential Code (IRC) compliance.

Our Consistency

Our clients know they can consistently expect thoughtful design, environmental integrity, NEC and IRC compliance.

Our Community
We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all we have been given in our lives. We eagerly work together to support community and charitable organizations. We look forward to the list of organizations we will partner and share in their missions.

Our Family
Family values are the backbone of our organization. We believe that the family unit is also the backbone of our American heritage. A strong appreciation for the importance of families - our own and those of our co-workers, and clients - remains a fundamental value we strive to support in our company today.

Our Planet
We believe in passing to our children a planet that is rich in natural beauty and natural resources. Greens Solar Solutions strong commitment to global sustainability is evidenced by the manufactures we have chosen, the suppliers that deliver our product, and the "Green Design" practices we employ. This is further evidenced by our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the alternate energy solutions we make available to our clients. Every design and every installation is thoroughly thought out and planed to optimize the client’s needs and the impact on the environment around. This is the way we do business everyday, from the products we buy to those we recycle.

Our Vision
Greens Solar Solutions vision is to be the leading Alternate Energy Solutions Company East of the Mississippi, have a commanding presence in the U.S. and abroad; A company providing the best craftsmanship and quality materials to help turn our clients dreams into a reality; A company with longevity that stands behind its work.

Our Mission
To make the world a better place to live as a result of:

  • Helping our Clients achieve economic security through energy independence, environmental responsibility through reduction of greenhouse gases;

  • Creating a place where our Co-workers can learn, grow and be fulfilled in their work;

  • Making the Communities in which we work better places to live.

Our Purpose
Our ultimate purpose is to create environmentally sound solutions for our global community one resident, one business, and one building at a time.

However, our purpose, to create environmentally sound solutions for our global community, can only be accomplished by providing excellent service to our clients, as our Clients are our source of revenues.

To have excellent client relations, we must have outstanding Co-workers to serve our clients. To attract and retain outstanding co-workers, we must reward them financially and create an environment where they can learn and grow.

Our economic results are significantly influenced by the success of our Communities. The community's "quality of life" in part influences the global community as a whole.

Excellent service will be delivered by motivated Co-workers working as an integrated team. These results will be impacted by our capacity to contribute to the growth and well-being of the communities we serve.


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