Commercial systems are available in many sizes and applications
Green Solar Solutions design and install systems to meet our clients needs. No system is too large.

Flat roof systems:
Designed to have no roof penetration

Standard roofs:

Minimal roof penetration
Designed for aesthetics in mind.  This low profile array allow the business owner to maintain a professional look

BIPV Systems
Greens Solar Solutions is excited to offer a no roof penetration solution to the commercial client. Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems are more than a solar panel. BIPV is a roofing system. BIPV is offered in a laminate that adheres to an approved substrate such as standing seam roof models. In addition Photovoltaic shingles are available for a limited time. These shingles take the place of shingle and integrate with most popular brands. For the commercial client the laminate is the most cost effective solution in the alternate energy industry.

Peel & Stick Laminate Photovoltaic Shingles

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