Greens Solar Solution provides a full range of grid-tied Photovoltaic Systems for homeowners, commercial and agriculture clients. Greens Solar Solutions offers a selection of turnkey services, including: customer-site analysis, system plan, installation and financial solutions. Our fully warranted systems come complete with a service plan and owners manual. Each system is installed by a licensed electrician and meets all local requirements, NEC and IRC compliance.

Greens Solar Solution is a energy solutions systems contractor, providing a wide range of solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. We service residential, commercial, and Agriculture Clients. Greens Solar Solution is ‘solutions-based’ company we determines the photovoltaic system that best meets our client’s financial, environmental and energy needs. This may include: using a standing seam building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) design; using a no-penetration roof racking system for a flat roof commercial project, installing a ground-mount system, or a pole mount PV array to a residence.

Clean, Dependable Solar Energy for Your Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Agriculture needs.


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